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The Timeless Wonder



There is no message, no hints,

no path, no method, no goal,

nothing that is to be reached.

That is the miracle.




The message of the timeless wonder describes the wondrous dilemma of the apparent me to only be able to experience itself as real but being real and unreal. No matter which step it seems to take there is one one step it will never take, much less even think of: The step into absence! Liberation is absence – absence of the dream of 'I am'. Absence of the dream of consciousness and awareness. Absence of the dream that 'something' exists.



However, this absence is as real and unreal as any existence is, at least it is not oppositional to a presence. There namely is not a real 'I am' that has to become absent, no real consciousness and awareness, no real existence which could be pervaded, transcended, explored and/or enlightened.



That which apparently happens is all there is. That is the miracle and that is the freedom. It is a miracle that cannot be known and it is a freedom that cannot be experienced, simply because it apparently is beyond the energetic setup of „I experience something“. This setup can be described as an artificial reality; a reality which, in fact is also 'oneness', yet is made of the illusory distress to have lost oneness and the apparent possibility of regaining it by personal action or non-action. This right action, this right path is what most of the human „drama“ is about – in religion, spirituality, philosophy. What can I do (now) in order to lead a better life (in the future). That is how it is apparently acted “now” in order to - hopefully - be happier „tomorrow“. The dilemma is that this „tomorrow“ does not happen, respectively it never will. It cannot happen because it does not exist. It is part of this artificial reality which is based on the experience of being 'someone' who has lost something and has to find it again. However, within this apparent reality there is no finding. Therefore each seeking is doomed to failure and in case of doubt rather leads to more seeking than to the end seeking. 'I am' only consists of experiencing itself as 'I am', of experiencing itself as separate and seeking. Because of its seeking it seems to survive. It cannot access that itself, the experience to have lost oneness and the search for it are illusory.



Liberation is the end of the experience of being 'someone'; the end of the energetic setup of 'I am' and 'I experience something'. Thereby it is the end of the search and the end of reality itself. The miracle is that nothing ends because within its apparent end it becomes obvious that neither of those ever existed. What remains is the unknown which is not anything else than what apparently happens. That is the miracle and the surprise – for no one.





                                                    ---- Andreas in July 2016