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The Timeless Wonder



Only heart is – pure essence.

Essence that appears as what appears.

What appears is essence.

Real and unreal, nothing and everything.

Wild and free, not separate and alive.



What is 'heart' or 'essence'? - No-thing. Not something. Not some thing. The unknowable and yet the obvious. Unknowable because it is no-thing; obvoius because it is everything. Normally 'heart' or 'essence' is understood as the deepest inner, a kind of inner being or innermost nature, but, as all there is, is „the“ heart or „the“ essence, is all there is, essence, respectively heart. What is, IS „deepest“ essence, IS uttermost intimacy; any separation, any distance is illusiory. Because all there is, is what is. Heart, essence, no-thing, that appears as that, what appears.

The message of The Timeless Wonder points to the natural, unseparated reality. A reality that contains everything, that embraces everything and that is everything. A reality, apparently beyond the 'I am'-experience.

The experience to be 'someone', resp. 'something' resembles an artificial reality. A reality based on the experience of reality and separation, time and space, doership and victimhood, on 'right' and 'wrong', on cause and effect, on personal responsibility and seeking. The apparent me cannot access the natural reality, though miraculously it is this reality, too.

Yes, the 'I am'-experience is oneness, is essence, is heart, which remains hidden within its experience. That is why it seeks. And seeks something, it cannot find: Wholeness, freedom, enlightenment, peace, understanding, wisdom, itself or absence. The dilemma is: It seeks 'something'. A thing, a feeling, a state. Yet all that exists, is no-thing. Unseparated beingness. That. That, which appears.


Liberation is the sudden and causeless end of the 'I am'-experience – an explosion, a falling-back into the natural, unseparated reality, however without someone falling back. Because in the falling back, there explodes what never existed. 'I', 'I am', reality and separation, 'living in the artificial reality' are not real. They do not have an own reality and may collapse like soap bubbles.

What remains is that: No-thing appearing as that what appears: Reading these lines, maybe thoughts, maybe feelings. Breathing, a surrounding. That is 'it'! That is the unknown. That is beingness. That is heart. The natural, unseparated reality – timeless, spaceless, boundless. Without blemish and without a spot. That it is that, which appears, is the miracle.




                                                     -----    Andreas in July 2015