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The Timeless Wonder



All there is, is God.

Brahman alone is.

Consciousness, Beingness, Freedom, Love,

is that, which appears.

Is sitting, is breathing, is thinking, is reading these lines.

This is no-thing.

This is beingness.

Neither free nor unfree. Neither true nor untrue.

But round, full and alive.



Spiritual traditions all over the world point to a reality beyond the material and relative experience. In addition they offer a path or a method to the seeker to find this otherworldly reality. The message of The Timeless Wonder does not and cannot offer this path, because it does not recognise a path. It does not recognise a seeker and anything that is not actual and not separate. Wholeness is not beyond the relative. The relative is IT. The relative is the absolute. The absolute is the relative. Beingness is the only, non-dual reality. It may appear as dual realities, but it ever is non-dual. Reality, separation, time and space, cause and effect, 'good' and 'bad', sense and meaning are parts of a dream. The dream of individuality and the dream of an own essential being.


The experience of being a person, a 'something' which exists in time and space, is like living in an artificial reality. Within this reality, it can never be seen, what really is. Being unsatisfied is as much part of the dream as seeking for wholeness.


Liberation is the sudden end of the experience of 'I am' and with it the end of the dream of reality. This happens without any reason, without any precondition and for noone. The person, which seeks for liberation and believes that it could become liberated, is part of the dream world itself and therefore illusiory. In the end of the dream, it becomes obvious, what never was hidden: 'I' is illusiory, separation is illusiory. The world and seeking are illusiory. What remains, is THAT. Pure aliveness, pure beingness, which knows neither levels nor differences, neither time nor space, neither stillness nor movement, but may appear as those.




                                                                 ---   Andreas in April 2014