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The Timeless Wonder






The Timeless Wonder


What is, is no-thing. That is all. That is all there is. No-thing appearing as that: Sitting in front of a screen and reading these lines. Exactly like this. With these thoughts and these feelings. In exactly this surrounding with exactly these lighting conditions, smells and everything that appears. This is undivided beauty! This is oneness. There is nothing else. Only this. Only that which is.


„Me“ cannot access this natural reality as it lives in a dream world – in the dream of an own essential being that exists in time and space. Apparently seperate it can only seek oneness, but can never find it. That is because "me" only consists of perceiving itself as "me", being apparently separate and seeking oneness. No matter, what "me" believes it does in order to leave the dream, it will not succeed, because it remains "me" apparently doing it. Thus, the apparent "me" constantly lives in the dilemma of being 'someone'.


And yet there is noone. There is no entity called "me" which lives, chooses and decides. "Me", too, is what appears. "Me", too, is no-thing. Oneness appearing as something, being apparently separate and seeking Oneness.


That is the miracle: No-thing appears as some-thing. No-thing appears as everything. As that: Sitting in front of a screen and reading these lines. That is it. That is God. That is the timeless wonder!


The message of The Timeless Wonder sees only Oneness. It is uncompromising and points to a reality beyond the dream world of the apparent 'me'. This message is and comes out of no-thing and describes the dream-like nature of reality. What appears, cannot be known. It is the unknown. And yet, it is all there is. There is only THAT. It is no-thing.



                                                         - Andreas in February 2013