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The Timeless Wonder









The Timeless Wonder









The Timeless Wonder



The Timeless Wonder



Most people in the world perceive themselves as independent entities, which are separate from each other and the world.


This ‘I’ experiences itself as an instance of its own, as something which seems to really exist and have an own essence. The basic perception of this is ‘I am’. Normally this is accomplished by ‘so and so’ or ‘this and that’ or ‘sometimes so, sometimes so’. But it is this first ‘I am’ which is the foundation for the perception of separation. This apparently separate ‘I’ lives in an artificial reality with time and space. It perceives itself as something real and it is this perception, which makes it believe that for example the universe and all the things and processes within it, are really existing things, which are separate, or at the most relating to each other.


This perception, the perception of being someone, is not real and may, so to say, not appear anymore in an instant. Together with the apparent ‘me’, the perception of a world, which is only real disappears and with it all the other constructs of the apparent ‘me’: Time, space, cause and effect, sense and meaning. What remains, is THAT. That, which appears. That, which is nothing and everything. Which does not have any reason, but simply is.


This is the story of liberation.


Of course liberation does not exist either. There is no one to be liberated. There is only, what apparently is. All there is, is only oneness, wholeness. What appears, simply appears. It appears outside of time and outside of space. It does not come from anywhere and does not go anywhere. There is no movement in time and space, nor is there stagnancy. It is living vibration. Oneness. It is not something, but this no-thing is all, there is.


The apparent ‘I’ does not have any access to this. It is only able to experience itself as an ‘I’, as something which experiences itself as separate. That is its dilemma. Each attempt which the apparent ‘I’ thinks it does in order to become one, is futile. Yes, the hunger for oneness may be satisfied for some moments by power, by sex, money, spiritual experiences, insights, silence of thoughts, happy feelings, the believe and the hope for a better future, the believe of being on a path, but the basic perception of being someone stays. Every step, the apparent ‘I’ believes it has to take to experience oneness, as small as it may be, is a step too much.


Of course there is no one and therefore there is no search. Only oneness exists. Oneness which appears as the search for oneness. But: There is no ‘I’ and there are no steps. The apparent 'I’ will never bridge something and without ‘I’ there is nothing which has to be bridged. All there is, is oneness.


That someone, who believes to be – and absolutely experiences itself as that – is not someone. There is no separate ‘me’. There only is, what appears. Sitting in front of the computer and reading a text. That is oneness, which appears as sitting in front of the computer and reading a text. This is God. This is wholeness. This is fullness. This is The Timeless Wonder!


                                                           - Andreas in February 2012