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The Timeless Wonder


The Timeless Wonder only recognises oneness. Only oneness exists. This is everything and nothing; everything that appears, and does not. This radical message out of oneness is a true rarity. It is not directed to somebody, who is striving for personal fulfilment. In fact, it is not directed to anyone at all. This message does not recognise an 'I' that exists separate from the whole and thus does not offer a path nor a method to attain personal happiness. Perfection, oneness is already the case and is only overlooked by the apparently separate 'I'. This energy, apparently manifested in the body and perceiving itself as separate is just another wonderful flavour of  the whole. Like everything else it does not have any permanence. It is an appearance.


While the apparent 'I' is constantly looking for the next experience, The Timeless Wonder, this wonderful perfection, already is. Not to be reached, not to be understood, not to be approached. It is! It is that which the seeker is seeking, but which remains hidden, because of the seekers very existence. Only in the falling away of the seeker, what always is, is found.


The spiritual supermarket offers a large number of possibilities to reach THIS. Mostly there is some kind of path or process attached, one has to follow or go through. There are lots of instructions to follow. Meditate, become more aware, open one's heart, feel one's feelings, dissolve blocks, come into one's middle, go into silence   ...   the list is infinite and can be compared to a manual for a successful career. Always one step further, one step higher and closer to the goal; of course there are setbacks, too. Sometimes the goal seems to be almost reached, sometimes to be far away endlessly. And that is why the 'I' is, mostly unrecognised and only interrupted by some joyful moments, in constant tension and an only apparently ongoing process of moving towards an apparent future. 


All of this has nothing to do with what is being said here. What is - wholeness - cannot be reached by anything, because it already is. Oneness does not need anything to be at one, oneness does not need to be reached or to be recognised in order to be. It simply is! The Timeless Wonder is! All that appears is This. This cannot be understood by the mind: Wanting to be enlightened is This. To make an excercise to reach fulfilment is This. To mindfuck about not being this is This. Without the filter of the 'I', it is seen clearly: It is THIS! Amazingly beautiful and stunningly perfect and at the same time only that which is. A truely Timeless Wonder!



                                                          -  Andreas in April 2011