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The Timeless Wonder


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 "There is no message. There is nothing to reach and nothing to gain.

All there is, is what is.

It is whole and complete already - amazingly as it is."




This message points to the wonderful simplicity and beauty of that which is. The idea that an additional realization is needed is part of a dream - the dream to be 'someone' or 'something'. Nothing else has this experience of lack and is on the search for personal fulfilment. Yet, exactly that is the dream: Self-consciousness. Every search for fulfilment only takes place within that self-consciousness and nowhere else.

As 'I am' experiences itself as the only reality - 'I am' only exists in the notion to be 'I am' - it overlooks that itself as well as its longing are illusory. Realisation was never lost - nothing has to be done in order to reach it nor has anything to be stopped. It is that which naturally is. It is that which apparently happens, or rather: That which apparently happens is perfect realisation already. There is nothing else. Every search is useless. Every idea of a path is illusory. Nothing can be reached, because nothing is lost. Nothing has to be discovered, because nothing is hidden.

Liberation, therefore, is not another experience within the 'I am'-experience, but rather the sudden and causeless death of 'I am'. Seen from the 'I', it is nothing else than death. However, the surprise is that in dying nothing dies. There is nothing alive that could die. 'I am', presence, awareness turn out to be unreal - what dies never lived. What remains, is no-thing as that which apparently happens. Free of search and free of necessity. That is the miracle.




 --- Andreas in March 2018