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Events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are held in German!


All other events are held in English (except when announced differently)



All dates are announced in local time.
Online events are announced in Central European Time.




Information about the locations are filed under 'Location'. Each city has its own page.




Information about the live-video-chats and announced individual-conversations are filed under 'Online', see 'Live-Video-Chat' and 'Skype-Conversation'.



New dates may be added any time. If you live in an area, where there are currently no OnenessTalks scheduled, feel free to send an email with your location to onenesstalks(at)hotmail(dot)com and you will be informed via email as soon as there are dates scheduled in your area.




Doors open 30 minutes before each meeting. Meetings can be attained separately!





*Announcement requested or required







Schedule 2019






Sunday, 17.3.                     OnenessTalks (2pm - 6pm)          Cologne-Hürth


Wednesday, 20.3.                OnenessTalks (7pm-9pm)               Stuttgart


Saturday, 23.3.                   OnenessTalks (14 - 19 Uhr)           Würenlos/CH
Sunday, 24.3.                     OnenessTalks (13 - 18 Uhr)           Würenlos/CH


Friday, March 29th                      Online-Talk                               Zoom 





Saturday, 6.4.                      OnenessTalks (3pm-7pm)              Münster
Sunday, 7.4.                         OnenessTalks (1pm-5pm)              Münster


Saturday, 13.4.                      OnenessTalks                              London
Sunday, 14.4.                        OnenessTalks                               London


Tu., 16.4. - Su., 21.4.            Easter-Intensiv* (German)           Murrhardt


Saturday, 27.4.                     OnenessTalks (1pm-5pm)              Munich
Sunday, 28.4.                        OnenessTalks (1pm-5pm)              Munich






Saturday, 4.5.                    OnenessTalks (2pm-6pm)              Stuttgart
Sunday, 5.5.                       OnenessTalks (2pm-6pm)              Stuttgart 


Monday, 6.5.                      OnenessTalks (7:30-9pm)         Cagnes-sur-Mer/FR
Tuesday, 7.5.                      OnenessTalks (7:30-9pm)         Cagnes-sur-Mer/FR


We., 8.5. - Su., 12.5.          Intensive-Holiday* (English)    St. Martin Vésubie/FR 


Saturday, 18.5.                    OnenessTalks (3pm-7pm)              Vienna/A
Sunday, 19.5.                       OnenessTalks (1pm-5pm)              Vienna/A 


Fri., 24.5. - Sun., 26.5.             OnenessTalks                         New York/USA 






Friday, 14.6.                       OnenessTalks (6pm-7:30pm)        Helsinki
Saturday, 15.6.                   OnenessTalks (2pm - 6pm)           Helsinki
Sunday, 16.6.                      OnenessTalks (2pm - 6pm)           Helsinki


Saturday, 22.6.                    OnenessTalks (3pm - 7pm)       St. Gallen/CH
Sunday, 23.6.                       OnenessTalks (1pm - 5pm)      St. Gallen/CH


Saturday, 29.6.                   OnenessTalks (3pm-6pm)          Toulouse/FR
Sunday, 30.6.                      OnenessTalks (3pm-6pm)          Toulouse/FR






Saturday, 6.7.                  OnenessTalks (3pm-7pm)                Lindenberg
Sunday, 7.7.                    OnenessTalks (1pm-5pm)                 Lindenberg


Sa., 13.7. - Th., 18.7.          Summer-Intensiv* (German)        Rottenbach/A






Saturday, 3.8.                      OnenessTalks (3pm-6:30pm)      Bremen
Sunday, 4.8.                        OnenessTalks (1pm-4:30pm)       Bremen


Saturday, 10.8.                    OnenessTalks (3pm-6:30pm)       Berlin
Sunday, 11.8.                       OnenessTalks (1pm-4:30pm)       Berlin


Friday, 16.8.                         OnenessTalks (8pm-10pm)      Amsterdam
Saturday, 17.8.                     OnenessTalks (2pm-6pm)        Amsterdam
Sunday, 18.8.                        OnenessTalks (2pm-6pm)        Amsterdam






Su., 15.9. - Su., 22.9.           Holiday-Intensive* (English)         Lentas/Crete 
Su., 22.9. - Su., 29.9.           Holiday-Intensive* (German)         Lentas/Crete