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Events 2019


Fri., Feb. 1st: 8pm - 10pm


Sat., Feb. 2nd: 2pm - 6pm


Sun., Feb. 3rd: 2pm - 6pm



Suggested fee:


Fr.: 20 € / Sa.: 40 € / Su., 40 €


Whole weekend: 80 €


Language: English!


There will be a live video broadcast from the talk on Friday evening. Questions can be put online via chat. In order to participate please click on the following link. You will be guided to me broadcast automatically --> Maybe, Saturday and/or sunday afternoon will be broadcasted at short notice as well. Please check the website or facebook on these days.


For information please contact


Cees Leerdam via






+31 - (0)6 - 4011 5229


OnenessTalks in Amsterdam


Solebaystraat 5 - 2nd floor
1055 ZH Amsterdam-West