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"No-thing - ungraspable freedom"


is Andreas' first book in English and is available now as a print-version as well as an e-book (available on apple or Revised edition - with better English!


'I am' is the dream. 'I am' is that which experiences itself as separate. However, it is not real. There is no 'I' to be separate.
What is – a book, reading these lines, the surrounding, you – is no-thing. It is undivided and unknowable.
The death of 'I am' is the end of separation. However, nothing dies, because there is nothing alive. All there is is aliveness itself which is free already. It is ungraspable freedom.
In this book, Andreas points to the natural reality which is no-thing. A reality that apparently is beyond the energetic setup of 'I am' which is exposed as illusory.


Date of publication: 27.10.2016


Publisher: Books on Demand, edition 3


ISBN-10: 3839152925


ISBN-13: 978-3839152928


Size: 14,8 x 1,3 x 21 cm


Cost: 14,50 €


Available on most online-book-stores worldwide. Or at OnenessTalks(at)hotmail(dot)com.




"Weihnachten hat es nie gegeben - das kleine Buch vom Nichts, das Alles ist"

is Andreas' first book, published in April 2014. Available in German only.  


Publisher: Books on Demand, edition 1


ISBN-10: 3735721826

ISBN-13: 978-3735721822


Cost: 13,90 €















"La Navidad nunca ha existido: El pequeño libro de la nada, que lo es todo."


is an abridged version of Andreas' first german book. Available in Spanish 


Publisher: Books on Demand, edition 1


ISBN-10: 3739210311

ISBN-13: 978-3739210315


Pages: 104


Cost: 8,90 €













"Ninguna-Cosa - La maravilla intemporal" - Spanish translation of "No-thing - ungraspable freedom"


Publisher: Books on Demand


Paperback: 256 pages


ISBN: 987-3-7412-4308-0  


Cost: 14,50 €













"Liberté insaisissable" - French translation of "No-thing - ungraspable freedom".


Publisher: Books on Demand


Paperback: 152 pages


ISBN: 978-3-7448-3408-7


Prize: 14,50 €