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Intensive-Holiday in Saint Martin Vésubie / France


The Intensive-Holiday in Saint Martin Vésubie will take place from


Wednesday, May 8th - Sunday, May 12th 2019


in the lovely place Moonlight Chalet.



The language will be English! (French translation in particular cases)



Saint Martin Vésubie is located in the South-East of France, approximately one hour north of Nice. Being situated in the French Alps, it is surrounded by a wonderful landscape of mountains and forests. The Moonlight Chalet offers a small numbers of Bungalows which can be shared or can be used a single as well. The prices vary from 110 € to 120 € per night per Bungalow (incl. breakfast). Besides that there are all kinds of possibilties for accomodation in the village - from hotels to camping sites. The Talks take place at the Moonlight Chalet. There is also a kitchen for use. 


There will be two to three talks with Andreas per day. The time in between is for free use and can be used for hiking, walks and/or recreation. Besides that there will be more time to talk to Andreas. 


Suggested fee for the talks: 230 €


The accomodation has to be booked separately. 


For further information about Saint Martin Vésubie, accomodation and meals either click here or please feel free to contact


Andreas via




+49-(0)176-4135 8997




Benoît via




+33-6-9564 6655